Take the Epic Evolutionary Adventure With You in Spore Origins

If you have never played a Spore game before, we guarantee you won't have any trouble figuring out Spore Origin's controls. There are very few of them to mind as it is, and these are quite intuitive. They work as you would think they would even if you're the type to ignore tips and tutorials. It is a very simple and straightforward game that is a lot less ambitious or effort-some to play as the original Spore game.

Spore Origins Review

The Basics of Spore Origins

Basically, tilting your mobile device will allow you to explore the bizarre, primordial waters in order to search for food. Holding an extreme angle while the combo meter is active will allow your Spore to gobble up the next creature which is highlighted by a red reticule. That's it. The accelerometer-based controls are responsive, without feeling stiff or too spongy so you can be sure that your creature will swim and stop smoothly, on command.

Spore Origins' mechanics are pretty basic. Levels are filled with either creatures which are smaller than you or predators looking to munch on you. Your goal is to stuff your Spore with the former, filling up the heart gauge in order to make your weird critter grow in size. Getting bigger means more health, this definitely comes in handy when you encounter hungry predators. Any creature which is larger than yours will attempt to bite and damage your Spore. Receive enough damage and your pet will shrink. Allow him to get munched on and the poor creature will shrink enough to become extinct. Bottom line is, if you don't want your Spore to end up as something else's lunch, you can't just allow it to swim mindlessly through levels. You will need to keep an eye on hostiles and let it aggressively eat its way up the food chain.

The Scope of the Game

From primordial ooze to the Earth in prehistoric times, Spore Origins chronicles the life of your customized creature from the moment it is created to the height of its evolution. The creature starts out as nothing more than a small mouth which is eager to chomp on anything which passes by. Once you've eaten a whole DNA gauge's worth of prey, you can then move on to the next level to being enjoying your buffet once again.

Survive three levels and you will be able to go into the creature editor to customize your little Spore. You may add new parts by using the evolution points you've earned throughout your game play. These parts include different types of appendages, eyes, scales and tails. Although you will need to spend time unlocking some of these, they each add something unique to your creature. By mixing and matching these options, you will be able to create a myriad of organisms which are unique in terms of their capabilities. Specifically, they will vary in terms of attack, defense, perception and movement. The third upgrade in each of these upgrades is a Super Part, which sounds as it functions. For instance, the last sensory upgrade allows your creature to attract food instead of simply pointing you in the right direction.

Spore Origins Review

Self Made Textures

If you are using an iPhone, you will be able to customize your Spore further with the use of photos. Your pictures expand the list of patterns and colors by allowing you to paste them over your pet. If you don't have anything you can use already stored on your phone, you can also opt to snap one from within the game itself. It may or may not be a feature that you will want to use but the fact that it exists says something about the effort the developers put into creating an enjoyable game.

In terms of missing features, there are only a few things that we are left wishing for. The first and most major feature it lacks are fun multiplayer modes. We would have loved to explore the waters with friends and have the ability to view their creations. Having social networking features would also help build a community, extending the play time in spades. Another thing we would have liked would be continuous upgrades. This would have given old fans something to look forward to, keeping the game fresh and encouraging even more players to enjoy the title.

Amusing Sideshow

With its excellent execution, Spore Origins for the iOS will not disappoint fans and series newcomers alike. It delivers pure entertainment, with 30 levels to explore. Some stages even offer a break from the grand buffet, requiring you to navigate tricky underwater channels. Later on, you can even unlock a Survival mode which confines your creature to a single screen as it dodges baddies while eating small fry. If the idea of evolving your very own creature sounds intriguing, we highly recommend checking out Spore Origins. It is available for Apple devices and requires at least iOS version 3.0 or later.