Spore Galactic Adventures Adds Real Gameplay to the Game

Spore Galactic Adventures is what many game critics are calling the “could have been” for Spore. More often than not, this basically means the game would have been so much better if Galactic Adventures and its many customized missions and mission editor system had been around since day one. But that is all in retrospect. The good thing is that for all new players who have never played the game, they can finally experience Spore with Galactic Adventures in a single run. And that is a pretty awesome experience for anyone.

Spore Cute & Creepy Part Pack

What is Spore Galactic Adventures?

Spore Galactic Adventures is an expansion pack for EA's Spore. Spore allows players to create their own creature, evolve it, give it a civilization, and then eventually take it to the stars (then you have the option to start all over again -and you may even run into your previously made creatures too). It is a long process with lot of work to be done in between, and it gives the game a very ambitious scope. However, many players feel the space age bit of the game lacks content. Galactic Adventures aims to fix that.

With this expansion pack, players are able to designate and customize one of their creatures as a Captain. This basically serves as the player character in a sandbox, space-themed, RPG. Players get to travel around various planets, explore the ground on foot, meet NPCs, and of course, go through quests. Like an RPG, there is an experience point system in play which unlocks new stuff like weapons and gear.

What You Will Get

This add-on provides the game with a lot of new content -more than what is visible on the surface. From the get go, it is easy to identify new items like teleporters and other space themed items that allows players to move around various planets. But there is more to this pack than just new customization items, there are also new things to customize.

Entire planets can now be terraformed according to your tastes -allowing you to choose between the various possible palettes for not only color, but also ground, water, and sky textures. It is now completely possible to create whole planetary systems, though it will certainly take a bit of work. Obviously, being able to create your own environment is just a lead in to the meat of this expansion: the mission creator.

Spore Cute & Creepy Part Pack

That is exactly what it sounds like, a way to create missions in Spore. Once you reach space, you assign a captain and are able to undertake various missions. But aside from enjoying the pre-made stuff, players can also make their own stories and events. You can assign creatures, dialogues and behavior, items, event-triggers, and other things. In this sense, Spore allows the player to become a storyteller and at the same time, a way to efficiently test each part of their self-made campaign.

This is Still Spore

While Galatic Adventures gives Spore that Space Adventure feel and we find Galactic Adventures enjoyable, it is just one part of a much greater whole. You cannot play this expansion pack by itself, you will still have to create a creature and take it through the whole evolution, Tribal, and civilization stages before getting a Captain of your own. And in that sense, it weakens much of the strength of gameplay in GA.

The RTS aspects of tribal, the Civ-style approach of city building and management, and all the other parts of the game are individually weak. The content is simply not fun enough to be enjoyable. The novelty of controlling your own customized creature can only go so far as the novelty wears off as you trudge to the game. It would have been nice if there was a way to skip the whole process and just jump into the space mode.

So yes, if you were hoping that Galactic Adventures would make the rest of Spore as fun, think again. The rest of the game remains untouched, which is a real shame since if they did not include a skip or fast forward option either

Definitely Must Have

Since Galactic Adventures was made for people who have Spore, then it goes without saying that this is something you definitely need in the game (or better yet, just get the Galactic release to get all the goodies if you are still planning to buy Spore in the first place). Even if you have no interest in creating your own missions, the GA pack will allow you to access thousands of user-made content that is already out there. In fact it is more likely that you will be having a problem sifting through the huge volume of playable content out there as opposed to not being able get enough.