Spore's Creepy and Cute Parts Pack Adds New Content, Highlights Game Issues

While the creature creator function in Spore is interesting in its own way –the pre-release standalone version is getting better reviews than the main game actually, the fact is that ti is still a very limited tool. There are parts like limbs and various other body appendages, a few paint options and some textures. With the Creepy and Cute Parts pack, that list of options expands by a sizeable degree. From various fish fins to insectoid antennae, this expansion set provides players with a lot of choices and options they can tinker and play around with –allowing for a larger creative experience.

Spore Cute & Creepy Part Pack

What is Spore's Creepy and Cute Parts Pack?

This Parts Pack is an expansion of the game Spore and provides players with additional options for body parts for creating creatures. As the title suggests, the theme of the new content is Creepy and Cute, though quite honestly, most of the stuff you will see will likely fall under the creepy category. But that does not matter –the bottom line is that this already interesting part of a game got even better.

Much like Sims, the creative process of creating a new character or a creature is something worth investing a bit of time on. This is why open world adventure RPGs tend to have very detailed character creation procedures. And Spore is still one of the first to allow for massive levels of player-chosen customization. The parts pack's purpose is to make that process even more enjoyable by increasing the volume of content that players can experiment with.

Less User Generated Content

While we appreciate the fact that Maxis has released a lot of good creation content for Spore, it does outline one particular difference that this game has with the original Sims: the lack of support for user generated content. Official patches, expansions, and updates are the only way for players to expand the game content short of directly modding the game's source files. Games like Sims (and many others before it) benefited greatly from the fact user-created add-ons. Customized skins were one of the main reasons why the first Sims game was such a big success –players found ways to expand the game's content beyond what the developers originally set.

Spore Cute & Creepy Part Pack

Spore is much like Sims 2 –there is more customization to be done in the character creation. Still, Sims 2 supported user generated files for furniture and other home décor details. Spore has none of that –this means that the only way for the game to expand is through what the developers make. In this sense, it is a weakness for the game to not be compatible with player made content –though there are now mods that will help increase the game's functions such as by adding even more paint options.

Creepier When Online

Another drawback to the expansion is that aside from the fact that players are now able to create more detailed and complex creatures, there are also a lot of folks who have been able to recreate genitalia-looking monsters with even more detail. A quick search engine query of people's works on Spore will result in a ridiculous amount of anthropomorphic testicles and more. While this does not really reflect anything much on the quality of the game, parents who are thinking of getting the game for their kids might consider putting Spore up on the firewall after it authenticates.

Spore Cute & Creepy Part Pack

If You Have Spore, Might as Well Get This

An expansion pack is only as good as the game it is connected to, so the real clincher for deciding to get Spore's Creepy and Cute Parts Pack mostly hinges on whether you enjoyed Spore by itself. If you did (or almost did but wished there were more parts to use), then getting this add on is a no-brainer. The fact that you can run into previous creatures you made makes for an even more enticing concept as you can compare your new creature with the old one.

The pack is worth getting as it adds worthwhile content –not just parts mind you. It even has new animation samples so you can really work on your creature's visual traits until you get all the little tweaks and details you expect. The new animations means that no matter what events may happen or unfold in-game, you can be sure to know how your creation will look in every situation.