Help Oogie Save Little Oogie in Spore Creatures

The story of Spore Creatures focuses on a species of primitive creatures called Oogies who inhabit the planet Tapti. At the heart of the story is your pet, simply referred to as "Oogie" as well as a smaller member of the Spore family called "Little Oogie". Not long after the two are introduced, the latter is abducted by a spaceship. The game follows Oogie’s misadventures trying to save Little Oogie.

Spore Creatures Review

Save the Little Critter

Oogie then chases after this ship, following it all over the planet and collecting parts of it as it is damaged little by little. It crashes eventually and reveals the identity of its pilot, Gar' skuther. Gar' skuther escapes capture once again, with Little Oogie (who now has an additional tentacle attached to his back) still in his clutches. Oogie flies to the rescue by making use of the scrap ship parts he has collected. It's not really the most original storyline created for a game but we do appreciate its heartwarming, 90's cartoon-style concept. If you've got a soft spot for strange-yet-cute creatures, you'll be rooting for Oogie before long and the emotional attachment will definitely help you through some of the game's more mundane exploration parts.

True to the Roots

As this is a Spore game, Oogie's story isn't only about his heroic adventure but also his evolutionary journey. Born as a single-cell organism , your Spore begins life in the primordial ooze. Your goal is to lead it through life, collecting DNA to help it survive, grow and mate until it evolves into a fully-evolved member of its species. Throughout its life, you get to explore strange landscapes and meet more of the world's bizarre inhabitants. Eventually, your pet will be able to join a herd and then a clan, until it is a member of a highly-evolved civilization. The more evolved the creatures of a planet are, the more complex their struggle for survival becomes. It's up to you to guide your Spore, seeing it safety through the challenges it needs to face.

Instead of being a carbon copy of the whole PC experience, Spore Creatures focuses more on the original's Creature phase. There is an emphasis on survival, which includes scavenging for food and making friends by dancing. Scattered throughout the islands are many items which may be collected in order to earn 60 achievement badges. There are side quests to accomplish as well as mini games to enjoy. It is more of a story-based title, telling the story of Oogie across 12 levels. Although the whole game is in 2D, it is possible to customize your pet using the built in creature editor. In order to add new features, you will need to make use of points earned throughout your play through. A bonus of 20 points is given off the bat to help you design a basic creature.

Build for Fun

There are a myriad of body parts and skills to choose from, 280 of them in fact, which are added to the mix as gifts from friendly creatures. Some of these parts even grant Oogie with Bio Powers, which are essentially special abilities. There are both offensive and defensive bio powers. Offensive abilities include fire breathing as well as a skill which surrounds Oogie with a ring of poisonous leaves while his defensive abilities include Shield and Quick Healing -- both of which function as you would expect. To keep you from abusing these powers are some drawbacks to their usage. For instance, using Stun to momentarily paralyze hostiles will cause Oogie to have poor eyesight.

Spore Creatures features six kinds of terrain (Lava, Hot Sand, Deep Water, Ice, Thorns and Poison) to add a little spice to your adventure. To help you move efficiently through the native terrain of each island are various types of legs. To keep things from getting boring, no legs exist to give Oogie a resistance to Poison. Now, if you would rather go for a more leisurely trek through the land, there are certain cheats you can use, including one which allows your Spore to walk on Poison.

Still Fun to Play

While its multiplayer capabilities were officially disabled back in June 2014, Spore Creatures remains to be an enjoyable adventure for latecomers to the series. Though this is a condensed version of the main title released for the PC, there's still enough evolving, food scavenging and battling to keep you entertained for hours on end. It's also the better Spore title released for Nintendo's handheld system as its colorful 2D graphics are easier on the eyes than the blocky 3D models used in Spore Hero Arena.

a Lighthearted and Enjoyable Game

As with other titles in the series, the creature creator remains to be one of the main hooks of this spin-off adventure game. It is done well, supported by a heartwarming story which portrays the protagonist as a lovable creature you want to care for. Play Spore Creatures if you're curious about all things Spore or are looking for a charming adventure-slash-life sim title to relax to on the go.