Spore Creature Creator is the Best of a Much Larger Game

Spore Creature Creator takes the most interesting part about Spore (the part where you obviously create your own creature), and then have fun with it. There are many ways to make a creature, you can make it look human, like existing animals, like fantasy monsters, or even like something you have never seen before. There are lots of parts, colors and textures available. When you are done, the game allows you to check the creature’s various animations –which is pretty cool and satisfying after spending a bit of time on your own creation.

Spore Creature Creator

What is Spore Creature Creator?

Spore Creature Creator is a standalone game that allows you to create your own living creature. The game provides players with multitude of pre-made parts such as mouths, eyes, hands, tails, along with other more creature-specific bits like assorted spikes, weird joints and such. These parts can also be tweaked in shape, form, color, and texture. Once the creature is finished, the game will give it a variety of animations such as running, walking, jumping, and others similar things that the creature is going to do if it were in the main Spore game.

Just a Teaser

For those wondering, Spore Creature Creator is not an extension or an add-on to the original game. While this is a part of a bigger whole, it is a standalone installation that does not require Spore (it was released earlier anyway). In fact, installing Spore will make installing Creature Creator impossible as the two programs will detect each other and CC will prompt you about it. So yes, if you already have Spore, there is no need to acquire CC separately unless you intend to install it on a different computer.

This game was released by EA ahead of the main Spore game in order to attract buyers –and in some territories, purchasing it was also the equivalent of a pre-order for Spore. The big surprise is that this game manages to capture much of what makes the game interesting to play –which is a little sad as the rest of Spore is not as fun as bit where you make your own creature.

Spore Creature Creator

If there is one thing that this lacks, it is the fact that players cannot manually control the creatures after making them. While the game does show the different animations that you will be getting (which will make use of any parts you use to create a creature with), you do not get to run up hills with your work (that would have been really fun though).

Experimentation Leads to Interesting Results

Creating characters and creatures is not something that everyone likes, but it is something a lot of players enjoy doing and Spore Creature Creator makes it plenty of fun. Picking out parts, swapping stuff around, and then connecting them all together is pretty easy and intuitive. The developers came up with an easy to use interface that allows you to easily move the camera and attach parts with greay accuracy –down to the specific angle that you would want. Even scaling pieces are easy as viewing your work from any angle becomes a simple matter of a drag of the mouse.

The huge number of pieces available will allow you to create a good range of creatures, but the fact that you can alter the parts even further means that the game is practically a blank piece of canvas that you can play with any way you like making it one of the more unique creation games out there, check charactercreator.net for many more games of this sort. Of course, with this much freedom, it is easy to get lost on where to start –most players go for recreating existing animals or fictional monsters like dragons or unicorns. It gets a little weird too –a quick search of other creations by others will show that inspirations can be taken from cute little critters that would look right at home in Pokemon to crazy horrors that could very well be Lovecraftian in origin.

Might Be More Fun than Spore

Spore Creature Creation may be a small view of a bigger picture, but some players simply have not interest in the rest that Spore offers; aside from creating a creature, Spore will have you make it grow, thrive, and prosper –and it does so with a variety of different game modes ranging from action-based wildlife survival to Civilization-type harvest-and-conquer gameplay. This standalone may have been originally made to help promote the main game, but it is also a great alternative for those who simply want to have a nice creator tool that makes them build any living thing they want.